Be an Ally Everywhere

Be an Ally Everywhere

No worksheet or resource that we provide can teach you exactly how to respond in the moment when you witness a victimizing act. The simplest advice we can give is the best:

DO something

Watch out for yourself and others.

Don’t standby or remain silent.

Trust your gut.

If something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, SAY NO.


If someone is disrespecting you or others, there is no reason to respond politely.

Eva from The Happy Talent shared one of her intervention tactics:
Whenever I see a girl who might not be okay, I stop her and the guy who’s dragging her away. I usually pretend I know her.

“Hey! How are you!”

Then I hug her and say quietly, “Do you know him? Are you okay? Do you want me to call someone? Do you need a ride?”

Most of the time when I do this, the girl smiles back at me, appreciatively, and says, “Yes, he’s my boyfriend,” or, “Don’t worry about it – I already called someone.” But on one occasion, the girl indicated that she didn’t want to be with the guy, so I shooed him off.

“Sorry to cock block, but we’ve got a LOT of catching up to do! I’ll take her from here. Have a nice night!”

Would she have been raped if I hadn’t been afraid of “being rude?” It’s impossible to say. But rape is horrible, and I don’t want to take those odds.