Ally Intervention – 3 Basic Steps

Ally Intervention – 3 Basic Steps

Definition of Bystander: Someone who witnesses a harmful or potentially harmful situation and does not respond or intervene.

Definition of Bystander Effect: Phenomenon that someone is less likely to intervene in a harmful situation when others are present than when the witness is alone.

Definition of Intervention: An act performed with the main goal being to help someone in need.



1. Notice

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Anticipate problems/look for red flags

2. Assess

  • Investigate an ambiguous event further, even if others appear unconcerned
  • Ask others what they think
  • Be mindful of peer pressure and be prepared to react to it
  • Have the confidence to take a stand
  • Choose to be respected, rather than liked
  • If you are a victim, let someone know you need help

3. Act Swifly

  • Don’t assume someone else will do something. Take it upon yourself to stand up.
  • Publicly state your intention to help. You can decide later if intervention is unnecessary.
  • Enlist others to stand up (i.e. I’ll do A, you do B.)
  • If it is safe, implement the most appropriate strategies for intervention


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