Consent is Mandatory; Enthusiastic Consent is SEXY

Consent is Mandatory; Enthusiastic Consent is SEXY

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “gray area” between what IS and IS NOT sexual assault. The only relevant question is this: Did all parties consent (choose) to participate?

Here’s an example…
NOT CONSENT: Sending an unsolicited nude/genital photo (i.e. “dick pic”) is sexual harassment, because the recipient had no choice to decline.
CONSENT: (Person 1) “Is it cool if I send you a nude pic?” (Person 2) “Sure!” (Person 1) *Sends photo*

How to ask for consent:

“Do you want to….”

“Is it OK if I…”

Ask before you engage. It’s as simple as that.

Seeking consent is not only required but also an important part of respecting your intimate partners.

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