BREAK THE SILENCE: Sexual Assault Prevention Training + Certification

BREAK THE SILENCE: Sexual Assault Prevention Training + Certification

**Starting in March, 2018, we are offering WEEKLY trainings and certifications for Prevention Allies at Second Shift in Chicago (3432 W. Diversey, in Logan Square)! We can accommodate up to 8 people per training, which makes this a uniquely intimate and personalized training with lots of opportunity for questions and 1-on-1 conversation with the Instructor. Minimum donation to register: $20.**


Learn and practice the many different ways that you can step in and make a difference if you spot sexual violence, an approach referred to as “bystander intervention.” This is a highly interactive workshop for groups of all sizes and ages. Lessons are rooted in real-world examples provided by Facilitators and participants.  (Time Required: 2 hours)

Prevention Ally Certification:

“When you see something, say something,” sounds simple, but intervention can be tricky in practice. Most people who witness violence do nothing and assume someone else will help. Prevention Allies are trained to know what red flags to look for, when to speak up and what to say and do to safely and effectively stop sexual assault, abuse and harassment.

Training Covers:

  • Recognizing all forms of sexual violence. Myths vs. Facts and the Law
  • Warning signs of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment
  • What you can say and do to intervene and prevent sexual violence
  • How to support survivors and spread awareness in your community

What makes our approach better than others?

  • Discourages victim-blaming
  • Shifts responsibility to both men and women
  • Offers everyone the chance to change cultural norms


“Break the Silence” Facilitators have completed at least 40-hours of training. Corielle Heath Laaspere is our Lead Facilitator and the President of liftUPlift Worldwide. She has completed over 120 hours of training to become a certified Prevention Educator and Survivor Advocate, and she has over 10-years of experience facilitating SV Prevention Trainings. She holds dual degrees in Sociology and Psychology from Lehigh University, and a M.A. in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California.



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