About Us

liftUPlift Worldwide is an Illinois-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We train Prevention Allies around the world to recognize early warnings and intervene to prevent all forms of sexual violence in their communities, schools, and workplaces.

Our Team

liftUPlift Worldwide 501(c)3 was founded in Chicago in 2014 by Corielle Laaspere, Rachel Jones and Cynthia Heath. Since then, our Board of Directors and Advisors has grown along with our Sexual Violence Prevention Alliance!


liftUPlift Worldwide President, Corielle Heath Laaspere, has over 10-years of experience educating business and community leaders about Sexual Violence Prevention. She holds degrees in Sociology and Social Psychology from Lehigh University, where she also completed over 120 hours of training through the University Women’s Center to become a Sexual Violence Prevention Educator and rape crisis hotline volunteer for the campus.


Corielle earned her Master’s degree in Strategic Public Relations at the University of Southern California in 2012. She worked to end all forms of sexual violence with such organizations as the Irish Centre for Human Rights, Women for Women International, and IBM, prior to founding liftUPlift in 2014.


Most recently, in 2017, Corielle facilitated Prevention trainings for staff and their guests at the American Embassy in Moscow, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. She also received a grant from the Chicago Foundation for Women to lead a week of free public Prevention trainings and community campaigns dedicated to Sexual Assault Prevention. 


Rachel Jones is the co-Founder and Vice President of liftUPlift Worldwide. She holds a degree in Psychology from Ball State University, with an emphasis on human sexuality and sexual violence prevention.


Cindy Heath is the co-founder and Treasurer of liftUPlift Worldwide. During her 20-year career as the CFO of Inland Steel, she created safe spaces for women to talk about violence and harassment in the workplace and helped facilitate sexual violence prevention workshops for coworkers.

V.P. of Solutions

Kirsten Laaspere is the Vice President of Solutions for liftUPlift Worldwide. She is an outspoken survivor and advocate for early childhood sexual violence education and prevention training.


Fetesha Downs is Digital Brand Experience Officer at the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and an Advisor to liftUPlift Worldwide. She leverages her digital expertise to assist liftUPlift Worldwide with global outreach, fundraising and awareness building.


Chereesca Bejasa is Founder and Principal Consultant at Brrrilliant Startup Studio and an advisor to liftUPlift Worldwide. She leverages her expertise in startup growth and development to help our nonprofit operate as a self-sustaining business.


Nicole Vasquez is the Founder and Owner of The Shift Chicago and an advisor to liftUPlift Worldwide. She leverages her expertise in community building to help liftUPlift Worldwide build communities of trained sexual violence prevention allies at the grassroots.


Afreen Rahman is a liftUPlift Worldwide advisor and an outspoken champion of women’s rights in India and the Middle East. She leverages her international network and perspective to help liftUPlift Worldwide create resources and tools for sexual violence prevention outside of the United States.