Employee Empowerment Programs

It’s about people.

Work with us to empower all members of your team to own and protect a safe and respectful workplace!

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Customized Assessment

Start by meeting us in-person or chatting by phone. We’ll answer your questions and discuss your goals.

Policy Evaluation

Whether you have an employee code of conduct or not, we help ensure that your anti-harassment policy is comprehensive and effective.

Empowerment Programs

We provide 2-hour Harassment Awareness and Intervention Trainings for Managers and employees that are highly interactive, inspiring and effective.

Ongoing Support

Work with us beyond training to support your employee empowerment efforts. You can even hire us as an independent third party to respond to and investigate harassment reports.

Empower your people.

Every person deserves to feel safe at work.

People can thrive in work environments where they feel comfortable, supported, and protected.

Company Benefits

  • Take a clear stand against harassment and for workplace equality​

  • Optimize employee productivity

  • Reduce risk and legal liability

  • Increase employee retention & attract socially-conscious talent

Employee Benefits

  • Increased employee happiness and job satisfaction

  • Feeling of support, empowerment, and the confidence to speak up

  • Pride in working for a company with a proactive approach to social responsibility

  • Comprehension of company policies regarding workplace conduct

Power of perspective.

Our engaging programs deliver the ‘power of perspective’ – a way for people to more easily relate to another person’s point of view.

The Shift Forward

Harassment Awareness and Intervention Training

This 2-hour program is engaging and empowering for all members of your organization!

What’s Covered:

We teach participants to recognize early and subtle warning signs of harassment and provide them with the tools to be advocates for safe, respectful, and inclusive environments and communities.


  • Define and recognize sexual harassment
  • Report violations of harassment policy
  • Create a harassment-free workplace culture

Our Approach:

Our facilitators skillfully use humor to make participants feel at ease, and our engaging programs deliver the ‘power of perspective’ – a way for people to more easily relate to another person’s point of view. 


  • Emphasizes the human impact of harassment
  • Shifts responsibility to everyone
  • Offers everyone the chance to change cultural norms

Meet our facilitator.

Corielle Heath Laaspere

— is a Sexual Violence Prevention Educator with over 10-years of experience and 120-hours of Facilitator training. She holds dual degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Lehigh University, as well as a Master’s of Public Relations from the University of Southern California. Corielle is the Founder and President of liftUPlift Worldwide, a nonprofit on a global mission to prevent sexual violence.

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