Feminist Workplaces

The Bottom Line

Businesses with diverse leadership teams perform better in the marketplace — yet gender parity is still rare at the highest levels.

Look inside your organization: How many women are employed? How many of those women are in top level/executive positions? Are women in equivalent roles to men paid equally?

Be transparent about your desire to address these questions, then follow up with real, shared action.

One global study analyzed 21,980 firms in 91 countries and found a positive correlation between the number of women in corporate leadership and profitability. In fact, an increase in female leaders from 0% to 30% was associated with a 15% increase in net revenue margin! WOW. [Source]


Train managers to prevent harassment, recognize and renegotiate bias and implement policies and programs to promote workplace gender equality.

Learn how to:

  • Create a Harassment-Free Culture
  • Identify and Re-negotiate Bias
  • Implement Policies and Programs to promote gender equality
  • Catalyze Broader Change

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  • On-Site Training and Feminist Workplace Certification | Starts at $1,500/day for up to 18 people
  • On-Site Consult | Starts at $500/hour or fixed sum per project
  • Virtual Consult | $350/hour

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“Merely having a woman founder does not guarantee a workplace that works for women…CEOs must demonstrate a commitment to creating a culture in which women are respected and given the opportunity to grow and succeed, in which families, work-life balance, and employees’ caregiving responsibilities are acknowledged and accommodated, where pay and benefits practices are fair and transparent, in order to call themselves a truly feminist company.” cw

Excerpt from this article by K. Sujata, President of the Chicago Foundation for Women, in Chicago Woman Magazine