Prevention Allies

Join our Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Alliance!

2-Hour Training and Certification

Learn to recognize early warning signs, speak up and take action to stop sexual assault and create positive cultural change in your communities!

Training Covers

  • What sexual violence is and who it impacts
  • Myths vs. realities of sexual violence
  • How to recognize early warning signs of sexual assault and abuse
  • What you can do to safely and effectively prevent sexual violence as a community member, parent, or peer
  • Learn how to spread awareness about sexual violence and share what you learned during training


What makes our approach better than others?

  • Discourages victim-blaming
  • Shifts responsibility to both men and women
  • Offers everyone the chance to change cultural norms

What is the focus of the Training?

Our program has a particular emphasis on intervention (stopping sexual violence in the moment) and preventing it beforehand by speaking up, spreading awareness and creating cultural change. See the below image to better understand how our training compares to other traditional reactions to bystander intervention.

Intervention Allies Training Style


Trainings are led by Corielle Heath Laaspere, founder of liftUPlift. Corielle became a certified Sexual Violence Prevention Educator in 2007, through Lehigh University’s award winning “Break the Silence” program. She also holds degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Lehigh University, as well as a Masters of Public Relations from the University of Southern California.  

Since cofounding liftUPlift with fellow Psychologist, Rachel Jones, in 2015, Corielle has partnered with businesses, governments and organizations around the world, including IBM, Women for Women International and the US Embassy in Moscow, to engage the global community in ending violence against women.


Educate, activate and ally your community to prevent sexual assault!


Turning sexual assault awareness into sexual assault prevention

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but awareness is only half the battle. "The next step is prevention," said Corielle Heath, founder and president of Chicago-based nonprofit liftUPlift Worldwide. "People need to know what they can do and what they can say to stop sexual violence."

Group Offers Free Ally Trainings for Sexual Assault Prevention Week

Nonprofit organization liftUPlift Worldwide is looking to train 500 people across the Chicago area as sexual assault prevention allies as part of the first-ever Sexual Assault Prevention Week. The week of classes begins April 23 and has been timed to coincide with Sexual Assault Awareness Month.