Sexual Violence Intervention Training

Our Sexual Violence Intervention Training is a two-hour workshop teaching participants how to recognize warning signs of sexual assault, take action to intervene, and break the silence to eliminate rape culture in their communities.

Request a training for your workplace, church, or community group.


Training Goals

  • Learn what sexual violence is and who it impacts.
  • Understand myths vs. realities of sexual violence and rape culture
  • Learn how to recognize early warning signs of sexual assault and abuse. What puts children and other populations at risk?
  • Learn what you can do to safely and effectively prevent sexual violence as a community member, parent, peer or survivor.
  • Learn how to enlighten and empower your community about sexual violence and train others in SV Intervention tactics.


Next training: Sunday, January 8, 2017, 1-3pm

@ Hart Wellness Center in Flossmoor, IL

This training is offered at no cost to participants.


What’s Included:

Your registration includes an intimate 2-hour training course and certificate of completion, as well as a downloadable training kit with information and resources to share with your community.



Who leads the training?

Chicago-area trainings are led by Corielle Laaspere, Founder and President of liftUPlift Worldwide. While earning her undergraduate degree in social psychology, Corielle became a trained sexual violence prevention advocate and peer-educator, through an award-winning program called “Break the Silence,” sponsored by the Lehigh University Women’s Center. She worked on-call with the campus sexual violence hotline, helped introduce and lead a campus sexual violence awareness and prevention program for all first-year students during Orientation week, and led prevention trainings and workshops for over 50 diverse student organizations.

Upon graduation, Corielle looked for a similar program teaching SV prevention to the public. She discovered that no such program exists outside of college campuses, so she drew on her own training and experiences to create the Intervention Allies Training Course. liftUPlift Worldwide is currently the only nonprofit program teaching sexual violence prevention tactics to the general public and empowering community members to end violence against women.

What is the focus of Intervention Allies Training?

Our program has a particular emphasis on both stopping sexual violence in the moment and preventing it beforehand. Furthermore, our intervention training has a special focus on equipping participants with the knowledge and resources to teach others these tactics. See the below image to better understand how our training compares to other traditional reactions to bystander intervention.

Intervention Allies Training Style